Your Future Depends on YOU

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Your Future Depends on YOU

Published on 9/7/2017
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Your Future Depends on YOU

  1. Be Thankful for what you already have
  2. Be a Good Listener
  3. Take in all positive that you can take in
  4. Don’t be a follower but be a student
  5. Take information and use it in a way it can help you
  6. Then take what you learn and put it to uses
  7. Help others  Image result for Free images of philosophy

Five Basic Fundamentals 

1. Philosophy

1. All learning exclusive of technical precepts and practical arts

2. Pursuit of wisdomb : a search for a general understanding of values and reality by chiefly speculative rather than observational means beliefs

3. A system of philosophical conceptsb : a theory underlying or regarding a sphere of activity or thought the philosophy of war

4. The most basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual or groupb : calmness of temper and judgment befitting a philosopher


2. Attitude 

1.How you feel about your past

2.How you feel about everybody else

3.How you feel about yourself


3. Activity 

1. Labor part, work part

2. Taken action, miracle working

3. Do what you can, do the best you can

4. What am not doing easy to do

5. What am I neglecting to make it easy to do

4. Results

1. Measure how you are doing results

2. Measure prosses in reasonable time

5. Life Style

1.Fashion a good life

2.If you wish to be wealthy study wealth

3.If you wish to be happy study happy

4.Be a two dollar tipper

5.Your future depends on you

LIve Changes with Education

1.Study subject you know nothing about

2.Be consistent with your study

3.Learn from other’s and then apply your own technics

4.Be creative and test all your results

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