A Little About Me

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Welcome to my about page. My name is Gordon Hunsucker and I’m 64 years old.I work a part time job on week inns and during the week I work on building an online business.I have always had a desire to have my own business and get away from the rat race that’s out there working for someone else.So being honest with you I have not had a lot of success online.I tried a lot of different types of business online. It takes a lot of hard work getting everything set up and in place. I glad to say that I’m not there yet but getting closer. I never give up. So if you want to follow someone that has had their up and downs I’m probably one you might just want to follow. I can tell you what works and what does not work.Some people might call me a tire kicker but if do not kick one once in a while you will not know if it will work.Working on a fixed income it takes longer to get everything in place.Like I said I have been in a lot of different online business and made money and with some broke even. I enjoy getting on facebook and chatting and meeting new people.I just joined up on Twitter but not message anyone yet.For fun, I like to eat out once in a while and go to the casino and try my luck at slots. Most of the time I spend working on the computer and promoting different affiliate programs like this one here the 4 Corners which I just joined up with on 2/10/2017. What I like about it is that did not cost that much to get into just one time $18.00. So most of the online I invest in I do not pay a whole lot for. I can remember from years ago when I was growing up my Grand Mother said that money is not always made with dollars but with nickel and dimes. She runs a country grocery store which I helped here with till she passed away at 71 years old I was 14 years old at the time.So sometime feel free to check out my Facebook and twitter page and we can hook up and talk about anything you like. It does not have to be about selling something all time it good place to get to know someone better then maybe do some networking together after we build trust in each other.